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jQuery 1.7 Released! | Online Portfolio of Israel Collazo, a Creative Freelance Web Designer, Programmer, and Online Consultant
November 11, 2011#

jQuery 1.7 Released!

jQuery, the popular JavaScript framework, released its latest and greatest version this Nov. 3. This release does a very good job at being backwards compatible with Internet Explorer 6/7/8, boast better performance,  better supports HTML5 for Internet Explorer 6/7/8, and introduces a new Event API: .on() and .off() which unifies event handling so there’s no need to use bind(), delegate() or the older live() calls.

The questions is, should you upgrade to 1.7? Sure, why not? Before you do though you should check your existing code and if you’re using any of the following features you probably shouldn’t upgrade because they’ve been removed in 1.7.

  • event.layerX or event.layerY
  • jQuery.isNaN() (undocumented utility function)
  • jQuery.event.proxy() (undocumented method)

More information on what’s new and what’s been removed visit their blog. You should know that jQuery has recently been very open about slimming down jQuery. This means that we’ll certainly see more features being deprecated in version 1.8. I was shocked when I heard this but reading their reasons why on their blog it makes sense.

Although the jQuery team has worked hard to ensure compatibility issues were ironed out it is still very likely that there would be minor bugs to address even after its release so for that reason alone (as with anything) I would recommend waiting up to a few weeks while these bugs are identified and fixed.

You can download jQuery 1.7 here docs.jquery.com/Downloading_jQuery


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